Ryan Trimble

Hi there!

I'm Ryan, a web developer based in Central PA who is passionate about coding and making people happy.

I work at Ritter Insurance Marketing as a UX/UI Developer.

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Me, with curly brown hair, black rimmed glasses, wearing a blue, plaid button up shirt, and a gray hoodie.

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various icons including a hearts, stars, arrows, and more, arranged in a grid with Figma guide markers visible

What the heck is an SVG sprite sheet?

What is an SVG? What is a Sprite Sheet? Who are you? Those questions answered, and more.

a human hand holding a black bound book with the word "Guests" printed in a gold color

Creating a Guestbook with Astro DB

Astro added a database and now I feel powerful.

VSCode Pets plugin showing cats and dogs playing on a castle

Cool VSCode Plugins

Some neat plugins that I use so often I have forgotten they are plugins.

Latest Projects!


Opens new window - Guestbook

Guestbook inspired the old web, built with Astro utilizing the Astro DB integration. This project is server-side rendered on Netlify. Feel free to leave your mark!

My Music

Opens new window - My Music

Music themed application for managing music collections I created to learn the latest version of meta-framework Nuxt prior to the 2023 Vue Conference workshop held in New Orleans, LA.

RIMdev Likes Food!

Opens new window - RIMdev Likes Food!

Part of a broader research project to determine if the Astro site generator would be a good fit for Ritter Insurance Marketing. I created “RIMdev Likes Food!” as a way to showcase the development team’s favorite restaurants using Astro.

My Portfolio!


Opens new window - Fundraiser.horse

Collaborated with the Frontend Horse developer community for a holiday themed, charity livestream event featuring 12 amazing guests from the frontend development industry. Together, we successfully raised $18,000 for Doctors Without Borders.

Lynn Helding

Opens new window - Lynn Helding

Redesigned University of Southern California Professor Lynn Helding’s portfolio website. Lynn was looking to downsize her website from a large multi page site to a simple, single page portfolio.

Dickinson Viewbook

Opens new window - Dickinson Viewbook

Created a virtual version of the Dickinson College viewbook to aid admissions team members with remotely demonstrating what Dickinson College offers potential students.

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