Ryan Trimble



The band "The Mountain Goats" performing on stage in blue lighting.

The Mountain Goats at XL Live

I got to see The Mountain Goats and it was amazing.

Bojack Horseman and Diane sitting on a roof looking over Hollywoo

I Love Cartoons

I'm a fan of all things animated, here are a few great shows to check out.

Our cats Sunshine and T3 posing

The Animals that Live inside My House

Profiles of all of our pets.

Robot playing an electronic piano.

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Sideline observations on artificial intelligence.

Building wall with the words "When you're lost in the darkness look for the light" spray painted on it

The Last of Us

My thoughts on the HBO adaption of The Last of Us.

London Bridge

London Calling

I finally took an actual vacation and experienced the miracle of flight.

Stock photo of someone drawing a wireframe

New Website

Redesigning my website using Astro and modern CSS!

Let's work together!