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New Website


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I’ve been obsessed with Astro for a while now; however, I hadn’t converted my website. Time to change that!

Previous website

I’m not sure I was ever happy with my previous website. I did a few neat things on there:

  • Animations
  • Themes
  • Bold typography

Ultimately I just never felt super excited about it, though.

I intended on blogging at least once a month but failed miserably at that - eventually just removing the blog section from the site altogether.


Learning a lot about newer technologies, such as Astro and more modern approaches to CSS, has been causing an itch in my brain for a while.

Learning Astro

At work, we were in talks to refactor our static sites onto a platform other than Hugo, so I began experimenting with Astro a bit. I developed a couple of websites for my work team:

  • RIMdev Radio - Displays songs we love and automatically updates a Spotify playlist.
  • RIMdev Likes Food! - Another small site to display our favorite restaurants

Astro impressed me a lot, and as a team, we began implementing Astro on a few of our sites.

Modern CSS

I took Stephanie Eckles Modern CSS workshop last year, and it was incredible! I want to implement the things I learned into everything!.

I finally understand grid and clamp!

Building the aforementioned Astro projects using these newer techniques was great. Everything just seemed to be falling into place.

Content creation

I wrote an article for 12daysofweb.dev on the new View Transitions API and was just thrilled with the whole process.

A driving force for the new website is that I want to do content creation:

  • Blogging
  • Making Videos
  • Tutorials

I am super excited about learning and want to be able to help pass along what I’ve learned.

My new site

I want this site to be the best representation of myself and my skills. It will be a culmination of all the things I’ve been learning and practicing over the past few years.

I want to give this a shot and see what I can do with it. I won’t have everything I have planned completed by the time I deploy, but I fully intend to iterate on this latest version and build something great.

Let's work together!