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Coffee within a mug, resting on a saucer alongside stirring spoon

Weekly Roundup #4

Stairs, masonry, anchors, and manifestos - what a week!

Ryan Trimble's ticket, numbered 0082, to the International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good conference

Weekly Roundup #3 — Possum Edition

This week I annoyed everyone at the 11ty conference.

Screenshot of Adam Kuhn's DOOM Scroll demo

Weekly Roundup #2

Update on CSS Harrisburg, interesting links from the week, and Adam Kuhn is the DOOM Slayer?

A weekly calendar, sharpie, jewelry, and a camera all sitting on a table top.

Weekly Roundup #1

Obsidian has me taking notes on everything, include these great links!

VSCode Pets plugin showing cats and dogs playing on a castle

Cool VSCode Plugins

Some neat plugins that I use so often I have forgotten they are plugins.

many lights blurred out

The Popover API is exciting, sort of

Yet another experimental feature that I'm excited for, but is Chrome only.

A starfield with various shades of purple

Why Astro is my Favorite Framework

Convincing you to use Astro.

Polypane browser displaying ryantrimble.com in mobile, tablet, and desktop panes

Building with Polypane

Product review of Polypane, a favorite in my web developer toolkit.

Stock photo of someone drawing a wireframe

New Website

Redesigning my website using Astro and modern CSS!

Let's work together!