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A weekly calendar, sharpie, jewelry, and a camera all sitting on a table top.

Weekly Roundup #1

Obsidian has me taking notes on everything, include these great links!

various icons including a hearts, stars, arrows, and more, arranged in a grid with Figma guide markers visible

What the heck is an SVG sprite sheet?

What is an SVG? What is a Sprite Sheet? Who are you? Those questions answered, and more.

a human hand holding a black bound book with the word "Guests" printed in a gold color

Creating a Guestbook with Astro DB

Astro added a database and now I feel powerful.

VSCode Pets plugin showing cats and dogs playing on a castle

Cool VSCode Plugins

Some neat plugins that I use so often I have forgotten they are plugins.

Command line terminal showing Fig running a command

Arc Browser is Awesome

Product review of Arc Browser.

A starfield with various shades of purple

Why Astro is my Favorite Framework

Convincing you to use Astro.

Robot playing an electronic piano.

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Sideline observations on artificial intelligence.

Command line terminal showing Fig running a command

Enhancing the Command Line with Fig

Product review of the CLI enhancing tool: Fig.

Polypane browser displaying ryantrimble.com in mobile, tablet, and desktop panes

Building with Polypane

Product review of Polypane, a favorite in my web developer toolkit.

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