Ryan Trimble
Our cats Sunshine and T3 posing

The Animals that Live inside My House


My wife and I love animals and probably would open a zoo if we could. We have 4 pets in total: three cats and one dog.

Current Lineup


T3, gray and white, striped cat with pink nose

T3 is the oldest of our pets, she’s been with my wife since before we even started dating in 2008.

Her full name is TwentyTwoToes, as she is a polydactyl cat with a couple of extra toes. She is a gray and white, striped cat with a pink nose.

Nowadays she mostly sticks to the bedroom and is most certainly blind, but that doesn’t stop her from cuddling up with my wife every night.


Sunshine, orange and white, fluffy cat

Our Second oldest is Sunshine, our orange and white, fluffy cat. She has the softest fur of any cat I’ve ever come across.

She has gotten a bit grumpier in her old age, but she is surprisingly the most social of our cats as she likes to hang out with us when friends are over.

Sunshine likes to stomp around on top of us when we try to sleep.


Aldi, black and white cat, pink nose

We weren’t expecting to have three cats, but we rescued this little kitten, and he stole our hearts.

We witnessed him nearly get run over by a car in front of us, and we quickly tracked him down behind an Aldi grocery store. We fished him out from under a dumpster with the help of a few of the Aldi employees. Obviously, we had to name him after the grocery store.

Aldi is super fast and likes to demonstrate his speed by doing laps around the house in the middle of the night.


DD, mini golden doodle with apricot and white fur

DD is the youngest of our pets, only 7 months old at the time of this writing. She is a mini golden doodle pup with curly, apricot and white colored fur. She is one of the sweetest, floppiest, and funniest dogs I know.

DD stands for Diamond Dog, like the David Bowie song (and a reference to Metal Gear Solid, my favorite video game series), but also just stands for Doodle Dog.

DD loves meeting new people but is still sort of sketched out by other dogs. We are working on that, though. We have her attending puppy daycare where she can make all sorts of friends.

In memoriam


Rylie, sheltie-pomeranian mix, brown and white fur

Rylie was a sheltie-pomeranian mix and a loyal friend to us, though not very nice to others. He had some behavioral issues, but we loved him and provided the best life possible for him.

We got Rylie in 2010 and he was with us for 12 wonderful years. We miss you, buddy.

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