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Weekly Roundup #1

Front End Development

I’ve been using Obsidian for just over a month now, I am kind of hooked on it. I like the whole “second brain” thing, which we will get to in a moment, but mostly I like the Daily Notes feature. It’s simple and straightforward, I just like jotting down things about my day in there.

In my Daily Notes, I record interesting links that I come across during my day. Now, I’d like to pass that savings onto you, the readers of this blog.

I read a lot of blog posts, so a lot of this might be rehashing the RSS feeds, although I also want to share anything that may have helped me out during week as well as I would love a place to thank folks.

I thought about doing this as a newsletter, but there are many great newsletters out there that do similar things - probably best to go subscribe to those if you are looking for something well organized and consistent, because I’m sure I will forget to do this at some point (maybe even as early as next week, so stay tuned to be disappointed).

With that out of the way - let’s jump into what my brain thought was interesting this week!

Interesting Articles

Date pickers are hard

posted by David Darnes on April 25, 2024

David is not lying when he says Date pickers are hard. Browser native date pickers even have their issues, especially on mobile devices. David suggests Nick William’s Cally package as a great alternative.

The problem with new URL(), and How URL.parse() Fixes that

posted by Kilian Valkhof on April 24, 2024

If Kilian is excited about something, I’m excited about that something. This looks like a great new addition for parsing those pesky URLs!

Second brain tool: Obsidian

posted by Chris Ferdinandi on April 23, 2024

Friend and JavaScript guru, Chris Ferdinandi, has created a new resource for folks with ADHD where he’s posting daily about the subject, including this great article on how to use Obsidian as a second brain. Great tips on how to set up a simple workflow for managing tasks and more!

How to create CSS utility classes

posted by Robin Rendle on April 19th, 2024

I’ve been doing a lot of research on building Design Systems, so this piece on how to generate CSS Utility Classes from JSON design tokens was relevant. Certainly got the gears turning for a personal project!

Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout

posted by Jen Simmons on April 19, 2024

Jen Simmons posted some updated demos for the CSS Grid, so called “masonry” layouts (or should I say, waterfall…). I’m always excited to try out new CSS features, even if they aren’t production ready!

Testing HTML with Modern CSS

posted by Heydon Pickering on April 7, 2024

Heydon demonstrates awesome error-handling techniques within CSS and how to display messages pointing out what might be causing problems.

JavaScript Sort Comparators

posted by James Kerr on March 28, 2024

Shared by Andy Bell over on Picalilli, James provides a great visual way to remember how to .sort() things. I’m used to the trial-by-fire approach of swapping things around until it does what I was hoping for, maybe I can save some of that frustration now.

posted by Amber Wilson on December 14, 2020

This article was shared by Mayank over on Frontend Horse, after some discussion on how to properly handle heading anchors. This is a rather common pattern that seems simple, but important to get right.

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