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Screenshot of Adam Kuhn's DOOM Scroll demo

Weekly Roundup #2

Front End Development


Before we dig into this weeks interesting links, I wanted to do some housekeeping.

A new friend reached out about an announcement I had made a while back, CSS Harrisburg - a local meet up group for web developers and I wanted to give an update for those interested:

  • First of all - if you are interested, reach out to me already, sheesh!
  • Second of all, life happens and you are already coming up on a year since thinking of something.

I still have my notes and plans - my schemes, if you will. Hopefully the motivation will kick in soon and we’ll be all set.

Thanks Micah for reaching out!

All in on Balatro - Peruvian Idle #2

posted by Mike Aparicio on May 1, 2024.

My friend Mike created a newsletter where he breaks down recent movies, television shows, and video games he’s been into. If you know Mike - or follow him on Letterboxd - you know he has great taste. Definitely worth subscribing!

Printing Music with CSS Grid

posted by Stephen Band of Cruncher on April 24, 2024

shared by Kevin Powell on Mastodon on May 1, 2024.

Stephen Band wrote about how he is using modern CSS techniques to render sheet music. As a guitarist and a CSS developer, I’m sold! I find reading music, chords, or tablature on devices frustrating. Constantly having to stop, zoom, and scroll around while trying to quickly learn a new piece. I’m excited to try this one out!

Handling The Indentation of a Treeview Component

posted by Ahmad Shadeed on April 30, 2024

Ahmad does an incredible deep-dive into different patterns for handling nested treeview components. Excellent UX research on how a few different companies handle this within products.

DOOM Scrolling

posted by Adam Kuhn on April 29, 2024

Adam released his project from his 2024 Front End Conf talk, DOOM Scroll. Adam uses CSS and CSS only to create a (somewhat) playable version of the classic DOOM video game, proving again that DOOM really can run on anything. Rip and tear, Adam.

Parting Notes

I’m not a reader.

Like, I read to learn, online stuff mostly:

  • Blogs, RSS feeds, newsletters from people that teach me things.
  • Technical documentation, for better or wose.

I do like comics and graphic novels, but for very similar reasons as to why I love cartions.

My point being: I read one whole non-nonfiction - uhh, whatya call ‘em - fiction book. And I’ve already sunk into it’s sequel! Guess what? It’s a trilogy! That means there is another one after that!

I’m trying to form some new routines and I’ve enjoyed making “reading for fun” part of those routines. You can follow along with my reading journey on my literal.club profile.

Let's work together!