Ryan Trimble
Ryan Trimble's ticket, numbered 0082, to the International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good conference

Weekly Roundup #3 — Possum Edition

Front End Development

I mostly wanna talk about the International Symposium on Making Websites Real Good conference. It was so much fun!

The Future of 11ty

presented by Zach Leatherman on May 9, 2024.

Zach provided great updates on the state of 11ty, version 3.0 changes, enhancements to eleventy-img, and more! The 11ty community are eating good.

Hints & Suggestions (First, Do No Harm)

presented by Miriam Suzanne on May 9, 2024

No matter if you watch Miriam speak in-person or on a stream, you are in for a treat. A thoughtful tour through the history of design on the web. Miriam is one of my favorite people.

”Graphic design of unknown content with unknown collaborators, on and infinite and unknowable canvas, across operating systems, interfaces, languages, and writing modes

— Miriam Suzanne

11ty and Large Project Tooling

presented by Paul Everitt on May 9, 2024

Paul demonstrated how to use 11ty like a pro. Bringing component-driven development to 11ty with TypeScript, TSX, and testing through Vitest.

Digital Frontiers, IndieWeb Cowboys, and a Place Online to Call Your Own

presented by Henry Desroches on May 9, 2024

Henry pleads the case for IndieWeb and why it’s best to publish your own content and syndicate it elsewhere. Own your content, folks!

You’re Probably Doing Web Performance Wrong

presented by Sia Karamalegos on May 9, 2024

While the Lighthouse can often bring your ship towards land, Sia is here to help you set up a port authority. Breaking down performance gains while centering on user experience. I don’t know where that metaphor came from.

Building a Town That Doesn’t Exist

presented by Dan Sinker on May 9, 2024

This was a brilliant pause from the technical side of the conference. Dan demonstrated how he uses the power of the web to tell a story, creating the believable town of Question Mark, Ohio. What an intriguing project!

11ty Sites for People Who Don’t Think They Are Web Developers

presented by Adrianna Tan

Adrianna shares her story on how 11ty empowered her to develop more websites and gives a rundown on how it can help others too.

Don’t Fear The Cascade

presented by Mayank on May 9, 2024

Mayank introduced lots of folks to selector specificfity… specificity, @scope, and CSS Layers, always fun to see excitement for CSS!

I use Mayank’s CSS reset on many of my personal projects and this talk gave some great insight into the logic used to create @acab/reset.css.

Managing Content Management (With No Vendor Lock-in)

presented by Liam Bigelow and David Large on May 9, 2024

This is a super interesting talk and one that might be relevent for a project I have in mind. Liam and David describe a problem larger organizations may run into and offer up a Jamstack-style solution. Also, the red balloon was a nice touch!

Come to the Light Side: HTML Web Components

presented by Chris Ferdinandi on May 9, 2024

I always love when a talk makes me want to go make things and Chris certainly got the gears turning in my head around this pattern of HTML-first web components. Legendary talk and perfect introduction to native web components.

Chinese Type Systems

presented by Ivan Zhao on May 9, 2024

As someone with little experience with languages other than English, this talk was fascinating. Ivan traces the roots of Chinese characters to where we are today, with web typography and Chinese type systems.

Light Mode Versus Dark Mode Why Not Both?

presented by Sara Joy on May 9, 2024

Sara proves that there is always something to learn in web development. Did you know you can enable light mode and dark mode without any CSS? What an pleasant conclusion to the conference.

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