Ryan Trimble
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Introducing CSS Harrisburg

Front End Development

One of the most interesting facts I learned from CSS Day in Amsterdam was that there are over fifty JavaScript-related conferences around the world and only one CSS-specific conference, CSS Day. This fact inspired me. I don’t have the means to put on a whole conference on my own, but I figured there might be a small way to do my part.

Introducing CSS Harrisburg - a web developer community group for the central Pennsylvania region!

Don’t let the name fool you. Though I am definitely a Frontend Developer and CSS is one of my favorite things - we welcome anyone interested in web development to join!

The Plan

I’m still in the process of working out a lot of the details, but I have a few things in mind for this community:

  • In-person meetups
  • Newsletter
  • Community discussion

In-person meetups

I’ll be organizing in-person meetups on a regular schedule, expected every other month.

My goal for the meetups is to be informative and fun at around an hour long. Meetups will be structured to have a presentation and time for networking.

I have a venue in mind and am working towards scheduling the first event!


I’m planning a weekly summary of interesting articles, fun Codepens, and inspiring websites.

For the community, I want to be able to use this as a platform to share member success stories and their awesome projects.

This will also be the place to receive community updates, such as when meetup events will occur.

Community discussion

To help community members keep in touch between meetups, I will be setting up either a community Slack or Discord.

Depending on interest, we may use this as a platform to have community events online as well, such as online presentations, small workshops, or game nights!

How to join

I’m looking for interest in this group at the moment, and the best way to show interest is by signing up for the newsletter on the CSS Harrisburg website.

If you are interested in helping shape the group or would like to pitch a presentation, please reach out to me directly with the contact form here on my website!

Closing thoughts

I’m stepping waaay outside my comfort zone as an introvert here, but I am very passionate about development and want a way to pass knowledge along and learn from others in the process.

Let's work together!